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Banana Foster (commonly know as Bananas Foster) is a dessert made with cooked bananas over vanilla ice cream. In Cook, Serve, Delicious! it is considered an exotic specialty food.

It is a fairly easy food to make, with 2 recipes and few ingredients to choose from. The only tricky part is its preparation.

It can be acquired for $1400 in two-star restaurants or higher.


Preparation of Banana Foster is tricky because sugar and butter have to be added to the pan and get hot before adding any bananas. When butter and sugar are hot they will emit white smoke (as any fried food such as Fried Chicken or Sopapillas), but they will not burn no matter how long they are left steaming. Then, bananas have to be added. Rum and then flambéing the dish may be needed, depending on what the order calls for.

Banana Foster takes about 6.5 seconds to cook and 8 seconds to burn.


One star/two star[]

  • Bananas Foster: Butter and brown sugar, and when the pan is hot, bananas.

Three star/four star[]

  • Bananas Foster Flambé: Butter and brown sugar, and when the pan is hot, bananas and rum, then flambéing.

Boosters and detractors[]

Banana Foster has 4 boosters and 3 detractors. However, none of the detractors result in negative buzz (that is, if not paired with other two Fatty McFats food and not left on the menu for more than 2 days without changing it). On the other hand, it has one booster that gives direct +5% buzz (in four-star restaurants) plus an additional +5% in the afternoon.

Boosters: The Big Tipper, Rainy Companion, Afternoon Delight, Rich Dish

Detractors: Menu Rot, Fast Cooker, Fatty McFats.

As none of the detractors have an impact on the amount of trash, rodents or dirty dishes, it could be considered that the food has also the booster Green Tech.

Upgrade Path[]

Upgrade level

Upgrade cost

What's new

Increased price

Two star $600 Better quality ingredients $8 => $12
Three star $1100 + Rum, + Flambé $12 => $18
Four star Better quality ingredients $18 => $25