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Beer is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting the sugar obtained after the saccharification of starch contained in malted cereal grains. In Cook, Serve, Delicious! it is considered a liquid and a standard food.

Beer is probably the fastest drink to pour except for a specific coffee ("Black Coffee") and soda ("Small Cola (no ice)") recipes. Unlike soda, coffee or wine, there is no choice regarding cup size or type, nor any ingredient to add.

Beer costs $1000 and can be only upgraded to two stars.



A beer being filled.

There is only one key to press to pour beer, down arrow by default. The fastest way to fill the mug is to hold down the key until the mug is filled completely, but if not careful, the froth can spill over. The filling has 7 visual stages, considering the empty jar as 0 and the overflowed one as 7. A beer order will be perfect when it is on stage 6:

0-2: Bad order

3-5: Average order

6: Perfect order

7: Average order


A perfect order of beer.

However, the filling need not be done on one key press; it can be done on several attempts. Note that every key press will not always result in the mug getting filled, so one cannot simply tap six times the filling button and expect a perfect order. Holding down the key to pour beer will take around 1 second and 40 centiseconds for a perfect order.

Boosters and detractors[]


A beer with spilt froth. This will be considered an average order.

Beer has only one detractor, which makes it an excellent choice for the menu, and it is not affected by menu rot. Work Liquor will give a -5% buzz during opening hours except in the night, when it will even out with Late Night Chow.

Boosters: Simply Food, Catering, Green Tech, Late Night Chow, Staple Food

Detractors: Work Liquor

Upgrade path[]

Upgrade level

Upgrade cost

What's new

Available prices

Two star $ + Better quality beer $5 - $8

Food Introduction[]

One Star[]

There's nothing quite like an ice cold brewsky, and now your customers can enjoy the simple pleasures of delicious beer straight from the tap. Enjoy the Hops Classic taste with its foamy top and bubbly middle, with a classic style ice cold mug. A thirsty customer is an unsatisfied customer, so order today!

Your order comes complete with Hops Classic Beer Brew, a Classic Style Beer Tap that we'll install directly behind your counter, and a case of mugs that should serve any size restaurant.

Two Star[]

We've mastered the Hops Classic recipe into a whole new brew, the Hops Classic American. This is a much more refined, delicious beer, and your customers will love it so much that they'll pay even more than your current beer prices! Upgrade today!

Upgrade includes the replacement of Hops Classic brew to the Hops Classic American brew.