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This is the Wikia page for Cook, Serve, Delicious ! A great game from Vertigo Gaming , easy to start but difficult to master.

The game[]

Cook, Serve, Delicious! is a restaurant simulator videogame where the player takes the role of a chef.  

There are two main modes to play. 


In Career mode, the player gets in charge of an old restaurant in the famous SherriSoda Tower.

Once the Tower's main attraction, the lack of customers and business drove the old restaurant to bankruptcy. At the time of the game, with local economy on the rise, the player decides to purchase the worn down restaurant and make it shine like in the old days.

Instead of heavily focusing on finances, building and management like other restaurant simulators, Cook, Serve, Delicious! focuses on serving each customer, taking care of cooking times, amount of ingredients and so on. This is done during the restaurant's opening hours, when customers order and the player is required to press certain keys or buttons (or tap on certain areas) to prepare, cook and deliver their orders.

Nevertheless, management is also necessary. Money is needed to improve the restaurant's equipment, buy foods and upgrade them. The player must decide which foods to put on the menu, effectively attracting more customers per day.

Battle Kitchen[]

Added in a major update, Battle Kitchen mode consists of challenges for the player to take on, either alone or with other players. It focuses only on cooking and serving food, losing the management and story part. Every challenge has a leaderboard associated to it, and participating in challenges may award blue stars to the player, which can be used to unlock characters for any of the challenges.

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