Cook, Serve, Delicious! Wiki

Extreme Difficulty is a game mode that can be enabled once the player has completed the game. In-game, extreme difficulty is also labeled as NG+ (New Game+).

Once the player completes the game, they are offered to transfer their customer progress to a new slot and start from scratch. There are several differences in this game mode:

  • Specialty foods are enabled and purchasable from the start.
  • There is a permanent +50% buzz booster: Extreme Difficulty.
  • Food with the Munchies detractor may also be ordered during rush hours.
  • Customers are less patient.
  • Super Rush Hours replace Rush Hours.
  • The restaurant starts with 6 prep stations instead of 4, so when the restaurant reaches 2-star level, there will be 8 prep stations, which is the maximum for the game.

Due to the buzz increase, buzz will very likely be over 100% so customers will come at a faster rate during normal hours. During Super Rush Hour, however, customers won't come at a slower pace like when buzz is over 100% in normal difficulty. Red ninjas and fire will appear on-screen and orders will come constantly, with several orders appearing at the same time.

Related achievements[]

There are three achievements related to Extreme Difficulty. Two of them can be completed just by playing the game on Extreme Difficulty: "Super Rush Hour" and "When It's Ready". The remaining one, Impossible Perfect Day, requires the player to finish a day having served all Perfect Orders while having 6 items on the active menu. Note that the 6th slot will only be unlocked during the 18th-19th day.


The strategy for succeeding in Extreme Difficulty is, in many ways, the opposite of the normal difficulty one. Low buzz, which stagnates profit at the start of the game, is not a problem in this mode, so the player can freely design the menu without taking detractors into account. Quick-preparing and serving foods, which are so useful in normal mode, prove to be challenging in Extreme Difficulty, as new orders will come immediately after a prep station is empty. Therefore, foods that take a long time to cook and especially those who also take a long time to burn are a must: Lobster, steak, soup, etc. While all the prep stations are busy, no new orders will happen. This is particularly useful during Super Rush Hours.

On the other hand, Extreme Difficulty is perfect for grinding orders to gain types of food pin achievements or number of customers served. With some skill, the player could serve around 200 customers per day.