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Slicing a Rainbow Gruza, four-star fish

Fish is considered an oceanic standard food in Cook, Serve, Delicious!

It is one of the best foods on the game it terms of easiness and cooking speed. It does not need any special equipment to be prepared, it is upgradeable to four stars and it costs $1500.


In order to prepare it, three cuts have to be made to the fish, to get a fish fillet. Then, seasoning has to be added, with optional lemon. It takes 8 seconds to cook, and 13 seconds to burn.

When upgrading the fish, there is a raw quality product improvement and a new ingredient -lemon- that can be ordered or not. However, it is still a very easy food even at four-star level.

Boosters and detractors[]

Fish has the same amount of boosters and detractors, four. The only real downside to it is the -5% buzz in the morning from the Morning Aroma detractor, which can be counteracted with any breakfast food. It is a very good choice for the menu.

Boosters: Health Nuts, Rainy Companion, VIP Allure, The Big Tipper

Detractors: Ah Rats, Morning Aroma, Menu Rot, Trashy Food.

Upgrade path[]

Upgrade level Upgrade cost What's new Increased price
Two star $1800 Higher quality fish $6 => $12
Three star $1800 Optional lemon added $12 => $15
Four star $1800 Higher quality fish $15 => $20

Food Introduction[]

One Star[]

This small catch of the day is fresh from Stinky Creek, but don't let the lake name put you off: this little grey fish has enough meat for a nice serving. Just cut off the head, tail, scale the body and you're all ready to go! Perfect for restaurants who are just getting into the seafood business, and our distribution engineers are working on capturing richer fish to offer in the future. Order today!

Your order comes with a surplus of small Grey Tail Fish and the necessary ingredients to properly scale/ready a fish for cooking, along with one standard recipe card.

Two Star[]

Our distribution line now has a new fish to offer: The Long Body Brown Raccuda. This fish can create an even bigger portion for your customers to enjoy, and its pleasant taste is miles beyond the Grey Tail Fish that you're currently serving. Get your upscaled seafood dining experience today!

Upgrade comes with a surplus og Long Body Brown Raccuda fish to replace your Grey Tail line of fish.

Three Star[]

Don't leave your seafood customers without a little tangy twist on the classic fish! We're now proud to offer lemons alongside your fish order, but not just any lemons... these are Australian Lemons fresh from the (some would say mythical) Lemon Fields of Sydney. Get these fresh from the Down Under' fruits for your seafood menu today!

Upgrade comes with a surplus of Australian Lemons and an updated recipe card.

Four Star[]