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Hash Browns, also known as hashed browns and originally named hashed browned potatoes, are potatoes who have been shredded and then molded into a patty and fried. In Cook, Serve, Delicious! they are considered a breakfast specialty food.


One star Hash Browns.

Hash browns are very easy to prepare, and very quick too. They need a Deep Fryer in order to be bought and prepared, and they are only available for two star restaurants and above. They cost $750 to purchase and they sell for $4.

Boosters and detractors[]


Two star Hash Browns

Hash browns have more detractors than boosters. Nevertheless, none of the detractors give immediate negative buzz, unless they are left on the menu for too long and/or paired with other fatty foods, and the Breakfast booster gives a nice 5% buzz increase during the morning hours. It is therefore a menu filler.

BoostersGreen Tech, Breakfast

DetractorsMenu Rot, Fatty McFats, Munchies, Unappreciated, Fast Cooker.


Hash browns are already on the frying basket, the only thing left to do is dunk the basket for 1.5 seconds and they are done. They burn a little less than 1 second later, so the player must be careful. Even before white smoke is coming out of them (as any other fried food), they are done.

Afterwards, they have to be placed in the bowl, and if the recipe ask for it, put salt on them. Then, they can be served.

Upgrading the food does not make the preparation any different, just upgrades the product, making them look like shredded hash browns.

Upgrade Path[]

Upgrade level Upgrade cost What's new Increased price
Two star $600 Better quality ingredients $4 => $6