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A lobster is a large marine crustacean, considered an oceanic specialty food in Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Lobster can be acquired for two-star restaurants or higher.

It's a fairly easy food to make, the only downside being it takes a long time to cook. Any order of lobster that's not served as a Perfect Order will become a bad order.

Lobster needs a stove in order to be bought and cooked. It costs $2500



Boiling a lobster

First, the lobster has to be boiled, which takes about 12 seconds. 

Then, the recipe will call for some or no sauces. If any sauce is required, the appropiate sauce key has to be pressed. A lobster can only have as many as two sauces.


One star[]

  • Classic Lite lobster: No sauces
  • Classic Lobster: One cup of butter
  • Buttery Lobster: Two cups of butter

Two star[]

  • Lobster Cocktail: One cup of cocktail sauce.
  • Buttery Cocktail:  One cup of butter, one cup of cocktail sauce.
  • Double Cocktail: Two cups of cocktail sauce

Adding sauces, last preparation step.

Three star[]

  • Garlic Lobster: One cup of garlic sauce
  • Buttery Garlic: One cup of butter, one cup of garlic sauce
  • Garlic Cocktail: One cup of garlic sauce, one cup of cocktail sauce.

Four star[]

  • Ginger Lobster: One cup of ginger sauce.
  • Tangy Garlic: One cup of ginger sauce, one cup of garlic sauce.
  • Ginger Cocktail: One cup of ginger sauce, one cup of cocktail sauce.

Five star[]

  • Spicy Lobster: One cup of spicy sauce.
  • Spicy Max: One cup of spicy sauce, one cup of butter.
  • Lobster Twist: One cup of spicy sauce, one cup of garlic sauce.
  • Lobster Nights: One cup of spicy sauce, one cup of cocktail sauce.
  • Lean Lobster: One cup of spicy sauce, one cup of ginger sauce.
  • Extreme Lobster: Two cups of spicy sauce.

Boosters and detractors[]

Lobster has more detractors than boosters. However, it has very good bosters and very weak detractors.

Boosters: The Big Tipper, Health Nuts, Rich Dish

Detractors: Menu Rot, Slow Cooker, Plate Spinner, Perfection.

Upgrade Path[]

Upgrade level Upgrade cost What's new Increased price
Two star + Cocktail sauce $10 => $15
Three star $2500 + Garlic Sauce $15 => $20
Four star $2600 + Ginger Sauce, Higher Quality Lobster $20 => $30
Five star $3500 + Spicy Sauce $30 => $40