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Pancakes are flat cakes made out of a starch-based batter and then cook on a grill or frying pan. In Cook, Serve, Delicious! they are considered a breakfast specialty food.

Pancakes have many recipes but not many ingredients, so they are not very difficult to make. They can be acquired for $900 in two-star restaurants or higher.



First stage of cooking pancakes.

Pancakes are prepared like burgers: First, An amount of pancakes determined by the recipe needs to be put on the grill. Then, the cooked pancakes have to be added, stacked. Finally, if the recipe calls for any other ingredients, such as butter, or any kind of syrup, they need to be added on top of the pancakes. Note that adding any kind of syrup will gray out every other kind.

Just like burgers, it does not matter how many pancakes were put on the grill as long as they are enough to prepare the recipe after cooking. E.g.: As much as three pancakes can be grilled to make a Dry Single, but only one has to be added to the recipe before adding the Butter.

Pancakes take 6.5 seconds to cook, but they burn quickly, in roughly 6 seconds.



After cooking, syrup and other ingredients may be added.

One star[]

  • Junior Classic: One pancake, Butter and Maple Syrup.
  • Dual Maple Stack: Two pancakes, Butter and Maple Syrup.
  • Triple Maple: Three pancakes, Butter and Maple Syrup.
  • Junior Redberry: One pancake, Butter and Strawberry Syrup.
  • Double Strawberry: Two pancakes, Butter and Strawberry Syrup.
  • Triple Red Stack: Three pancakes, Butter and Strawberry Syrup.
  • Dry Single: One pancake and Butter.
  • Double Desert: Two pancakes and Butter.
  • Triple Dry: Three pancakes and Butter.

Two star[]

  • Junior Blueberry: One pancake, Butter and Blueberry Syrup.
  • Blue Double Stack: Two pancakes and Blueberry Syrup.
  • Triple Berry Blue: Three pancakes and Blueberry Syrup.
  • The Lonely Pancake: One pancake.

Three star[]

  • Junior Pecan: One pancake, Butter and Pecan Syrup.
  • Double Pecan Stack: Two pancakes, Butter and Pecan Syrup.
  • Triple Pecan Stack: Three pancakes, Butter and Pecan Syrup.
  • Lite Double Pecan: Two pancakes and Maple Syrup.
  • Lite Maple Classic: Two pancakes and Pecan Syrup.

Boosters and detractors[]

Pancakes have 2 boosters and 3 detractors. The boosters focus on getting an increase in buzz in certain times of the day, while the detractors are not very important. In general, pancakes are not a very good choice for the restaurant menu.

Boosters: Breakfast, Late Night Chow.

Detractors: Menu Rot, Plate Spinner, Fatty McFats.

Surprisingly, even though they cook very fast, they do not have the Fast Cooker detractor.

Upgrade Path[]

Upgrade level

Upgrade cost

What's new

Increased price

Two star $800 + Blueberry Syrup $4 => $8
Three star $950 + Pecan Syrup $8 => $12