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CSD Sopapillas

Sopapillas (also known as Sopaipillas) are fried pastries and a type of quick bread in some Latin American countries and parts of the United States, made of wheat dough and deep-fried. In Cook, Serve, Delicious! they are considered to be an Italian-Mexican standard food. A deep frying station is required to buy them.

Sopapillas are very easy to make and do not have upgrades. They cost $500 to acquire and they sell for $5.



Sopapillas, ready to serve

Sopapillas are dunk in a deep fryer and when white smoke comes out of them, they have to be placed in a bowl, where sugar can be added or not, depending on the order.


  • Delicious sopapillas: Sopapillas with sugar on top.
  • Delicious lite sopapillas: Plain sopapillas.

Boosters and detractors[]

Sopapillas have many boosters and little detractors. The only detractor to be careful about is the Fatty McFats one, in order to not choose sopapillas with other two fatty foods.

Boosters: Afternoon Delight, Late Night Chow, Simply Food, Rainy Companion, Green Tech, Catering

Detractors: Fatty McFats, Menu Rot, Unappreciated

Food Introduction[]

One Star[]

Taste the delicious with this Mexican fried treat! Your order comes with frozen precooked sopapillas- just dip them in your fryer and serve! There's very little prep work necessary, and customers love the sugary blast of hot crunchy tortillas. Don't leave your customers craving sweets...order today!

Your order comes with a surplus of frozen sopapillas and sugar, ready to fry.


When practicing serving sopapillas, it cannot be selected whether the recipe calls for sugar or not.