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Soup is a standard food that is made cooking solids (generally meat or vegetables) with some kind of liquid (juice, stock, water...). In Cook, Serve, Delicious! it does not belong to any food category.

Soups are difficult to prepare as some ingredients have to be chopped. Nevertheless, there are few recipes, so it compensates for the trouble. A soup is also very slow to cook, and even with fast preparation time it can be the most time-consuming food to serve.

Soup needs a stove in order to be bought and cooked. It costs $800



Adding tomatoes to soup.

The recipe will call for a number of ingredients that need to be added to the pot. Some of those ingredients might be vegetables that need to be chopped; namely celery, carrot, tomato, cabbage and zucchini. Any recipe that calls for any those ingredients will call for three slices of them. Note that once three slices of the ingredient have been cut, it will not add more slices even if the cut key is pressed.

Also it should be noted that any ingredient added to the soup cannot be repeated, and that includes sliced ones. After adding, for example, celery, the celery button will be grayed out, so it is easier for the player.

When all the ingredients are in the pot and the player has pressed the cooking key/button, it takes about 11 seconds to cook and 30 seconds after it's cooked to burn.


One star[]

  • Chicken Noodle Soup: Chicken, Bowtie Noodle, Bouillon Cubes, Celery x3.
  • Soup du Jour: Bowtie Noodles, Bouillon Cubes, Seasoning, Tomatoes x3, Carrots x3, Celery x3.

Two star[]

  • Vegetable Soup: Tomatoes x 3, Carrots x3, Celery x3, Cabbage x3, Red Peppers.
  • Baristobo Soup: Chicken, Bowtie Noodles, Seasoning, Potatoes, Carrots x3, Cabbage x3.

Three star[]

  • Creamy Potato: Seasoning, Potato, Bacon and Cheese.
  • Louisiana Delight: Chicken, Meats, Rice, Bouillon Cubes, Seasoning, Bacon, Celery x3.

Four star[]

  • Hearty Meat Soup: Chicken, Meats, Rice, Ham, Potatoes, Cheese, Celery x3, Garlic.
  • One Bean Soup: Rice, Seasoning, Potatoes, Celery x3, Beans.

Five star[]

  • Broccoli Soup: Seasoning, Bacon, Cheese, Carrots x3 and Broccoli.
  • Italian Soup: Meats, Rice, Bacon, Cheese, Tomatoes x3, Zucchini x3, Onions.
  • Suino Stew: Ham, Bowtie Noodle, Cheese, Cabbage x3, Zucchini x3, Garlic, Onions.

Boosters and detractors[]

Soup has more boosters than detractors. Also, the detractors do not affect buzz negatively.

Boosters: Health Nuts, Rainy Companion, Staple Food, The Big Tipper, VIP Allure.

Detractors: Slow Cooker, Plate Spinner, Trashy Food, Complex Bits.

Upgrade Path[]

Upgrade level Upgrade cost What's new Increased price
Two star $800 + Potatoes, + Red peppers, + Cabbage $ => $15
Three star $1200 + Meats, + Rice, + Bacon, + Cheese $15 => $20
Four star $1500 + Ham, + Garlic, + Beans $20 => $30
Five star $1500 + Broccoli, + Zucchini, + Onions $30 => $40