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A steak is a piece of meat generally cut perpendicular to the muscle fibers. The kind of steak served in Cook, Serve, Delicious! is a T-bone one, which is cut from the short loin of beef. In the game it is considered an American standard food.

It is an easy food to prepare, with only 7 ingredients and 10 recipes to choose from. It is upgradeable to five stars, it does not need any special equipment to be bought or prepared and it costs $2200.


Steak preparation is pretty straightforward. The recipe will call for some seasoning and other ingredients. The good part is the recipes always call for the ingredients in the same order. The only one that will always be present is seasoning, others may vary:

  1. Seasoning
  2. Smokey Dust
  3. Hickory Salt
  4. Spicy Pepper
  5. Juice Enhancer
  6. Bacon Powder
  7. Citrus Flavoring

A one-star steak being prepared.

So, for instance, the Spicy Smokey Steak recipe is: Twice Seasoned (1), Smoked (2), three Spicy (3) and two Juicy (5).

But of course, there is a bad part. There is no way of visually knowing how many times ingredients have been already added, just as how many times the chicken breast has been tenderized.

In any case, the maximum amount of ingredients for a steak recipe will be 12. After all have been added, cooking may start. It takes 18 seconds to cook and 10 seconds to burn.


One star[]

  • Classic Steak: Seasoning x3, Juice.
  • Citrus Steak: Seasoning, Juice x2, Citrus.

Two Star[]

  • Spicy Steak: Seasoning, Spicy x4, Juice x2.
  • The Dry Spicy Steak: Seasoning, Spice x2.

Three Star[]

  • Baconesque: Seasoning, Juice x2, Bacon x2.
  • Spicy Baconesque: Seasoning, Juice, Spicy x2, Bacon x2.

Four Star[]

  • Spicy Smokey Steak: Seasoning x2, Smoked, Spicy x3, Juice x2.
  • Smokey Orange Steak: Seasoning, Smokey, Juice, Citrus x2.

Five Star[]

  • Hickory Steak: Seasoning x2, Hickory x2, Juice x4.
  • West Texas Steak: Seasoning x2, Smokey x2, Hickory x2, Spicy x2, Juice x2, Bacon x2.

Boosters and detractors[]

Steak has more boosters than detractors. Even though it has only one booster that gives a buzz increase when paired with other healthy foods, no detractors give negative buzz unless left on the menu for more than two consecutive days.

It is an ok choice for the menu because of the health booster, but considering its base and upgrade cost it can be replaced with much better options that are faster prepared, like sushi, lobster, fish, chicken breast or salad.

Boosters: The Big TipperHealth NutsThe Competition, VIP Allure.

Detractors: Menu Rot, Slow Cooker, Plate Spinner.

Upgrade Path[]

Upgrade level Upgrade cost What's new Increased price
Two star $2000 + Spicy Pepper $10 => $15
Three star $2100 + Bacon Powder $15 => $20
Four star $2500 + Smokey Dust $20 => $30
Five star $3500 + Hickory Salt $30 => $40