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One Star Wine

Wine, a drink obtained by fermentation, is a standard food belonging to the liquid category in Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Wine has a special behavior when upgraded: Customers can ask for the latest upgraded version or any of the other upgraded versions, or even the basic version. That means upgrading wine broadens the selection of wines, but the player will still have to select the proper wine ordered by each customer.

Wine is a very expensive food to buy ($2500) and upgrade, but also is the most expensive to sell, $60 a bottle when fully upgraded.


Wine is easily prepared. The player has to select the correct wine that matches the order, and then repeatedly press the "Pop Cork" key to open the bottle. Once the "Pop Cork" key has been pressed, the wine bottle cannot be changed. There are five different bottles of wine:

  1. Le Cheap Classique - $8
  2. Casu Marzu Aged Cheese - $15
  3. Serpent Beard - $25
  4. Elk - $40
  5. Deckard Vineyard - $60

But easily preparation doesn't mean it' doesn't take time and trouble to serve. 'Pop cork' usually take about 25 times(seems between 20 and 30) of continuous key hitting, so it easily takes 20 sec. or more per serve and it could be grim in rush hour.

Boosters and detractors[]

Wine has only one detractor, which makes it an excellent choice for the menu. More so, it is not affected by menu rot.

Boosters: Simply Food, Rainy Companion, Green Tech, Health Nuts, Staple Food

Detractors: Work Liquor

Even though normally Work Liquor would decrease buzz immediately, if there are any other foods on the active menu with the booster Health Nuts, adding Wine to the active menu will not result in a buzz decrease, as Health Nuts and Work Liquor will even out.

Upgrade path[]

Upgrade level Upgrade cost What's new Available prices
Two star $1800 + Casu Marzu wine $8 - $15
Three star $1800 + Serpent Beard $8 - $15 - $25
Four star $1800 + Elk $8 - $15 - $25 - $40
Five star $1800 + Deckard Vineyard $8 - $15 - $25 - $40 - $60